Agios Dionysios Monastery is located 3 km from Litochoro. It was transferred here by the fraternal order in 1950 after the Germans destroyed the main monastery in 1943. The main monastery dates back to 1542 and is located 17 km from Litochoro, it is currently undergoing restoration works. Twenty-four monks live in the new monastery, Metochio, and follow the formulary of Mount Athos and receive many visitors throughout the year.

The monastery is open from dawn to dusk and is easy to access from Litochoro.


A historical monastery on the north side of Mount Olympus built at an altitude of 430 m close to Petra village. The katholicon has been preserved from the old monastery and the surrounding buildings have been fitted to host psychiatric patients.


This monastery played an important role in the fight for freedom from the Turkish occupiers. It is built on the southwest side of Olympus at an altitude of 1020 m at the mouth of Mavratza Gorge. It has been almost entirely restored.


It is built on the north side of Ziliana Gorge at an altitude of 820 m five km from Karya village and 19 km from Leptokarya. It takes its name from the canals (kanali) of water that flowed through the area. The monastery is dedicated to the birth of the Virgin Mary and celebrates its feast day on September 8. Tradition has it that the monastery was established by


Built at the foothills of Mount Olympus at an altitude of 1320 m. North of Karya is Agia Triada Monastery. Also known as Agios Ieromartyros Eleftherios Monastery, Klymendou Monastery and simply as Palaiomonastiro. According to one story the monastery was established in 1640 though other references date the monastery to much later. During the period of the Turkish occupation it functioned as a secret school and housed a rich library. The Turks set fire to the monastery in 1823 and then in 1833. It was completely destroyed by a fire started by a monk called Evgenios. A chapel was built on the site of the monastery in 1913 which remains standing to the present day.